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  •      Crack the code and access your Million Dollar Mindset
  •     Walk right on in behind the Law of Attraction, into the six higher faculties of your brain.
  •     Shortcut your progress and learn rapid, proven, and breakthrough techniques.

These are my promises to you, so let’s get cracking.

Our brain is equipped with survival mechanisms; it is much more concerned with what is going wrong than what is going right.

If you have had a pretty charmed life, the chances are it is pretty easy for you to think positively, that is what you know, and that is what you learn to expect.  The good things do not threaten survival, so the brain plays nice.  If you have experienced danger, trauma, hardship, stress or even heartbreak, these things going wrong absolutely do threaten our survival, and the chances are that your brain is wired toward avoiding these things, it will constantly be on the lookout to find and avoid these situations so it can help you deal with it.  What we think about grows. Let’s go a little deeper….

Located in your Brain Stem is a fascinating system I have ever learned about, this is precisely where the puzzle I had wondered about all my life started coming together  It is called the Reticular Activating System. ‘RAS’ It’s role is to screen all incoming thoughts, feelings and emotions from the outside environment – it has a hugely important role as a filter to basically keep us from constant overwhelm from the 2 Million Bits of information flying into us at any one time because our brain can only process 147 Bits of it.   In other words – It filters out 97% of what is constantly flying at us, and it discerns what to keep by finding a ‘match’ in our long-term memory. Only 3% of the new information we read, see or ‘feel’ that is relevant to our survival and well-being and in alignment with our beliefs, experiences and conditioning gets through!   It is a very effective and efficient default system that is setting us up to fail miserably if we want to be creating a life that is different to our current experiences because it thrives on repetition, thoughts you think, actions you take and creates patterns and neural pathways that align to create habits and programs. So basically if you are in the sh#t and don’t do something to change that things are going to get sh#ttier – that is guaranteed!



For example,

During some pretty ugly times in my past, I could not, for the love of money get my life to turn around.  From overwhelming and crushing debt to a business collapse, parking tickets, speeding fines, red light camera, even cancer.  Misery loves company right! When I read about this RAS, a light bulb went off, I started realizing that that the 3% getting ‘through’ was doom and gloom and that was because I was fixating on ‘the bad stuff’ so I was constantly in fight or flight mode and once there, focusing on the positive becomes almost impossible because one cannot focus on the positive when in a negative spiral.   The good news is, the frontal lobe does allow you to use ‘Conscious will’ to override. With practiced persistence, the conscious shifts, and new neural pathways can be formed which then become the unconscious default of your brain.

Here’s how I tackled it.  I began by turning my FOCUS into a futuristic vision of possibilities, and maybe, just maybe hope. Be mindful about not aiming for huge things first up.  “I’d always had great luck with getting parking spots right where I wanted (with the help of my kid’s magic fairy dust), and I started to learn that if I can activate my RAS in this instance why not in others.”  I did not know it then, but now I completely know that our brain can see and find things that we focus on.  Moreover, therein lies the trap and the trick.  The brain can find the smallest thing once you put your focus there, and it will see, find and deliver precisely that.

The trick to grasp here is as simple as FOCUS and BELIEF.


7783253 - colorful believe text with butterflies, ladybugs, and rainbow

How are you using your Reticular Activating System? Are you on automatic pilot and getting much more of what you do not want in life that that of which you do.  Whatever you do, be kind to yourself.  If you have any of the patterns playing out in your life causing you stress, or posing a threat to you just know that your brain will probably be thrown into that negative spiral that is familiar, negative isn’t necessarily all bad, if it were, our brain would not be wired to it.  Our brain is supposed to inspire proactive change, rather than continue in the downward spiral.  A quick thought of “What could potentially come out of this situation” can ignite the change, in this situation, negative will serve you well by tuning us into what we want to create. It is only bad when there is no proactive change.  Your diligent awareness will eventually lessen the sting and with practiced awareness, you can create a brand new program.

By putting your attention and focus on precisely what you want. ‘What you focus on you find.” Your RAS goes to work to deliver ‘matching’ experiences.  Quantum physics agrees.  The philosophy here is that all things exist at any point in time – clear and concise focus on one thing sees all other possibilities drop out of existence, positive focus causes you to feel empowerment and puts you back together again.

Join me next month for #3 – trust me, it gets much, more interesting.

Always in a loving light, Michelle Reinhardt.



Michelle Reinhardt

Intuitive Mindset and Energy Coach

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