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I was eagerly awaiting my chance to interview Suzie Price, also known as ‘The Ghost Whisperer.’

I have quite a taste for all things supernatural myself so naturally I was keen to talk to a kindred spirit, pun not intended although a happy coincidence.

Although my knowledge of this subject is reasonably good, I have not had the opportunity to speak with someone who claims that they can converse directly with the world beyond. I certainly consider it a possibility, though, for if I believe in life after death, and I do, and if I also believe they (the deceased) continue to exist in some other dimension, then it seems reasonable that they might find ways to communicate with living people, from the great beyond.

In spite of the high number of people who claim this ability, it seems that the genuine psychics are oddly few and far between. Perhaps it is the case that all of us have the innate ability although only some have developed the gift to a high enough degree that their ability can be used at will. I am thinking too that it may well require a mode of tuning in that most of us never become familiar with, it may even be difficult for those on the other side to get used to communicating in a whole new way?  Whatever the case it seems apparent that two-way communication between the living and the dead is still a relatively rare skill.

With that in mind, I asked Suzie when she developed her ability to communicate with ghosts. Was it something she could always do or did it reveal itself to her gradually?

It was neither. Suzie developed her gift after a serious accident in which she was hit by a car. She was only seven years old and almost lost her life. However rather than a brief nothingness of death, Suzie claims she saw a light and angels and the light was filled with love. Although Suzie longed to stay she was sent back to earth, having had, what we know today as a ‘near death experience.’ These are common enough these days that you have probably met one or two people who have had one. The experience became widely known after Dr. Raymond Moody’s book “Life after Death” became an international best seller throughout the 1970’s and beyond.

Suzie’s was a brief visit to the other side but long enough to leave an indelible impression upon her young mind.

She took the time to recover from her many injuries but she began to see spirits after her encounter with the other side. At first, it was difficult to tell if these spirit visitors were alive or dead. Spirits appeared as real to Suzie as other flesh and blood people appear to us. Over the course of her childhood and early adulthood, though, she learned to tell the difference between those living on our side and those who had passed over.

Ghost Girl

Most of Suzie’s friends knew about her gift, although at that time it did not play a huge part of her life. She would ‘read’ for friends and family, but that was the extent of it. Over the years though she began to spend more and more time giving readings to so many people that they began to suggest to her that maybe she should start charging for her services. Suzie was not overly impressed by this idea but eventually realized that she needed an income particularly if she was to spend so much of her time giving readings.

I wondered what it would be like speaking to the dead or hearing from them? How does that work? I asked Suzie what it is like to hear from those on the other side?

Suzie explained, ‘they communicated to me in images and feelings. So that a spirit might come through and show me, in my mind’s eye, something of importance to the spirit himself, it could be anything, any item or even a person, and I will feel any feelings that he has as well’.

This explanation is certainly similar to descriptions given by others who are gifted in this way. It is also interesting that the word ‘empath’ is used today and similarly describes the very characteristics shared by Suzie and others like her. They all share a special sensitivity and ability to feel the feelings of others and perhaps even see images of things that are significant to them. Although an empath will often feel and perhaps even see images from living people in contrast to a psychic who can perceive the same feelings only they are from people on the other side of life. I cannot help but wonder if there are a great number of empathic people who are also psychic and perhaps even share gifts like Suzie’s?

Suzie says that communication between her and a spirit is telepathic so in addition to sharing the images and feelings she can internally hear their words as well.

Readings are not her only work, but she has had to ‘cleanse’ houses of nuisance spirits and release people from earthbound spirits. These spirits can attach themselves to a living person and create all sorts of difficulties for the person. This brings up some interesting notions at this time as I heard just in the last day or so of a psychiatrist who believes that people can be ‘possessed’ which to my mind is very similar to having a spirit or ghost stuck to you and causing issues. This, of course, is not the type of remark we would normally hear from a professional with a scientific and medical background. Though this is not the first time, I have heard such a thing. I remember reading the late M. Scott Peck’s book ‘Glimpses of the Devil’ in which the notion of possession is accepted real, although very rare. Although it should be noted that,      M. Scott Peck was a Christian and may well have been influenced by that, although that is not to say that the concept is any less real. I will leave any conclusions on that particular topic to those with more expertise than myself.

An earthbound spirit can also attach itself to a home or particular location and create what we know as a ‘haunting.’ Dealing with such situations sounds downright scary to me, but Suzie takes this in her stride. It is all in a day’s work for her!

I wondered how her ‘interesting’ career might impact on her family life and life with her husband. Suzie happily tells me she has his full support, and this enables her to do the many things she does.


I know that working with people, however much one loves such work, can be very tiring. One can easily be left exhausted from the emotional toll of sharing and communicating.

Suzie says she paces herself these days, recognizing the absolute need for self-care to give her best to her clients both living and dead. In her work Suzie has developed a reputation for honesty and accuracy, no mean feat in this line of work.

She has had a rather interesting path being very successful in her role as psychic and has worked on programs such as Psychic TV and Haunted Australia. To experience such success in this particular field is unusual, to say the least. It is a testament to her abilities both psychic and worldly to have gained this level of success.

In addition to this Suzie has recently released her debut novel ‘Heaven on Earth’ and also her first CD ‘Heart of the Universe’. Both of which are based on her life as a psychic. The former being about her life path and the later a collection of songs written by Suzie about her experiences.

Suzie has also just begun her Australian tour.


If you would like to find out more about Suzie and her book, CD or touring information, please visit her website below; 


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