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Genine Howard is a best known as a business coach, magazine editor and publisher who has created, bought and sold numerous high end magazine titles and turned over more than half a million dollars a year in revenues.
With a swag of accolades, Genine is also an author, public speaker, had a radio show and television appearances. She is now dedicated to helping other female entrepreneurs live their most extraordinary lives teaching them confidence, branding and mindset so they can build beautiful businesses which in turn, give them a luxe, passionate, on-purpose life. Genine talks with Pink Sky Magazine on how she created her amazing life with more than just luck.


“It’s interesting, I used to always think I was lucky. I have always fallen on my feet, won the award, got top in the class, get the breaks and have the success. In my youth I just considered myself lucky.

But as I’ve grown – both literally and personally – I realise now that I was never just ‘lucky’. I was creating my own possibilities and success. I was setting out to create my own extraordinary life without realising it.

The evidence was there, for example, in my early 20’s I packed up my entire house and left my suburban home to go and find my greatness. I just knew I was destined for more than the humdrum suburbia life. I set myself a goal of finding my dream job within a year out of university, and if I didn’t find it I would move to Queensland in far northern Australia. I had only visited Queensland once before on a holiday as a teen, and for some reason the destination was etched into my mind as a plethora of possibilities.

So, 12 months (basically to the day) later, I drove off in my car with all of my possession packed on the back seat and my teddy bear in the passenger seat and left my devastated boyfriend crying on the side of the road in the dust of my tyres. I was out of there and on my path to a world of wonder and possibilities.

Looking back, it was such a brave act for a young woman. I had no house to go to, no job lined up, nothing except a map (like an actual paper map – there was no Google Maps in those days!) and a yearning for something more. I recall I arrived into the tiny tourist village of Port Douglas on a steaming hot day. I parked in the main street, found an information centre and burst in announcing, “I’m here!” With no plan, I found myself bunking up with three amazing girls from all over the world in a backpackers – they shouted me a beer and dinner (I had about $10 left to my name).

My life had taken a path that led me to today.


That brave journey ended up with me finding a job in a local wildlife park as a tour guide where some several years later I was the sales and marketing manager appearing on tourism television programs, hosting media tours, appearing in magazines and newspapers and living my element.

Along the way I fell into magazines – I had been wearing khaki and boots for far too many years, and although I was professionally a biologist/scientist, I knew that magazines were calling me to live an even better, more on purpose life. And so began my love with magazines.

I knew that magazines were calling me to live an even better, more on purpose life.

Some thirteen years later, here I am again in magazine world – right now supporting Pink Sky and it’s gorgeous editor, Tania Hawting live out her dream running a magazine, but over the years I have grown magazines at the helm, worked for international publishers and eventually forming my own magazine empire. All the while with the quiet knowing that I was not just lucky to find my way, but I was on purpose creating my extraordinary life.

So what is an extraordinary life?

Well, for me, it is one that is fulfilled in all ways – creatively, professionally and personally. For me it is having success in my career and inspiring other business women to live out their versions of an extraordinary life. For me it is being a loving, present mother to my two children and helping shape their minds to be open to all the ‘luck’ and possibilities in their worlds. For me it is living out my biggest, highest and best self in the world. For me it is travel, food, Champagne, flowers, cups of tea, having time, laughter and creating wonderful memories.

For me, an extraordinary life is living out my biggest, highest and best self in the world.

For you, your version of an extraordinary life might be very different – it might be bigger, bolder and sassier or perhaps more quiet, content and peaceful. And know, that to have your desired version of an extraordinary life is not just for the lucky few. It is not reserved for the wealthy or the talented or the loudest or the smartest. An extraordinary life is available to each and every one of us … if we know how.

So along my journeys I slowly came to realise that I wasn’t simply lucky. That I was actually purposely creating my own possibilities, my own opportunities and my own extraordinary life. And as I went I slowly began to see the key things I did differently to other people that then had the greatest impact on my success.

And I realised, it all started and stopped with my mind.


From the bravery of taking the risk of travelling to the other side of Australia and creating my own opportunities to winning Small Business Woman of The Year award to creating a successful magazine empire turning over more than half a million dollars a year and now in a 6-figure coaching business, I realised that along the way I had an ability to always see the positives. To always look on the bright side. To always see the glass half (if not completely) full. To see that there was always something more for me.

And once I realised this eternal positivity, I began to delve into the power of our minds and uncovered that there was a science to my success. That what I was doing unconsciously was the keys to any one being able to live out their best lives.

Want to know what they are?

Well, it is actually something so simple you may not believe me.

Unwavering belief that everything will be okay.

Yes, it was that simple. I always, always, always had a knowing (and still do) that everything will always be okay. For me, positivity is like a religion – I have full faith that all my needs will be met, that my desires will come true and that I deserve my dreams.

And you don’t have to be ‘special’ to have this unwavering faith, though I will say that most of us are not conscious of our choices or possibilities. that is a story for another day, but I will say that if you are reading this are feel an inner knowing that there is more for you in this world, you are right. And you can make a choice to start creating your extraordinary life today. Right here, right now.

You can make a choice to start creating your extraordinary life today. Right here, right now.

If you are really getting stuck on the ‘how’s’ I have a bunch of mindset actions you can employ daily to get you on the road to positivity and unwavering trust in the Universe’s plans for your extraordinary life, but know that it only takes a moment to reframe a thought – to reframe a negative thought into one that is empowering and positive. Know that you have a choice in how you think at any moment. Know that your thoughts can create your reality in your world. Know that your mind is far more powerful that you know and know that you can literally start creating your extraordinary life like I have.

Know that luck is for the lottery; you do not need luck to live out your extraordinary life. Go and live yours today.

See more of Genine’s story and get tools to create your extraordinary life at


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