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by Kirsten Macdonald

Upon meeting Annie Murray, her smile is disarming and her down to earth warmth; captivating. Once the subject of the photography industry comes into the conversation it is obvious where this lady’s passion and motivation stems from. The second generation photographer who cut her teeth in a one hour Kodak shop in country Victoria has become a leading expert in the the business of Photos.

Industry market research from hub IBIS declares a constrained revenue growth forecasted to be a sluggish 0.5%. This may be suggesting that the widespread adoption of digital camera technology by consumers and amateur photographers has weakened the demand for professional photography. This may also have contributed to a trend of reduced spending on photography services over much of the past five year period. Whist this is alarming, Annie says it is an opportunity in disguise.

There is an opinion that the readily available imagery now online has stimulated a false perception of photography, creating an ‘instant cheapened view’ says Annie. However according to Annie this is a limited view point. There is a clear gap in the market for art, for professionalism and thinking outside the square, she says. Factors such as styling, the subject’s experience of being photographed, the artistic landscape as well as emerging markets and technology are seeing new opportunities open up for photographers never seen before. Our case studies prove current success is there for the taking, if you have the tools. Technology brings with it an availability to the professional that did not exist before. If strategy is used correctly, an even larger profile and platform can be achieved, says Annie.


 “We have photography studios all over the country with full books and full schedules for 2017, it is extraordinary and it’s exciting.”

This business inspirer is no stranger to success, with followers on her social media profiles running into the many thousands and a stunning portfolio of students from all over the world. Her career to date has included a global tour and a webinar series teaching hundreds of photographers around the globe the secret to business success as well achievement in film with her her mini doc Finding Your Beautiful which became a viral sensation.

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About Annie: Annie Murray is a photographer, a business sensation, but most of all; she is transformational expert, changing lives behind and in front of the lens. With a career that encapsulates more than 30 years in the photographic industry, Anne is the epitome of ‘the real deal’ with case studies and evidence of success through merging trends and photographic art.

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