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Ross River Virus has hit all over our continent, and while medicos are diagnosing and trying to find a way to beat it, one inspiring woman is using naturopathic remedies to assist those suffering. A multitude of infected patients have been visiting the clinic and are having excellent results in the management of symptoms. Australian naturopath, Susan Byrne, has discovered the answers needed for relief from the painful disease.

In Susan’s naturopathic practice, a formulation of herbal medicine is being administered to patients to help optimise the fever process, making the body more adept at dealing with the infection, boosting the anti-inflammatory response of the body to activate a quick recovery. An expert practitioner must only use this protocol. Astragalus and Siberian ginseng may also be used. “Turmeric is another go-to to decrease inflammation, and the form I use—whether it be herbal tincture, capsule, or tea—depends on the patient’s needs,” says Susan.

Supplements such as fish oil and evening primrose oil may also be required alongside proper nutrition to discourage mosquitos feasting in the first place. For instance, increasing the daily intake of garlic. “Mosquitos don’t like the taste of blood that is rich in Vitamin C and B complex. So far there have been incredible success outcomes for those we have treated with fast relief of symptoms, which has been so positive for those suffering from this awful disease.”

A patient with the virus visited the Clifton Spring’s clinic instigating Susan’s vigorous research, spending months finding the most expert raw ingredients and supplements to combat the various symptoms. When repeat patients reported quick responses from the treatment, the gifted naturopath knew it was necessary to get the word out. The dedicated mother of four and wellness advocate has spent the last 30 years in the medical industry which then evolved into holistic medicine, which then became a successful Naturopathic Clinic and Susan is now regarded as a highly sought after consultant and key note speaker on various holistic health topics.

Ross River Virus was first identified in the Townsville, Queensland area. Typically affecting native mammals, RRV enters the human bloodstream via the saliva of an infected mosquito (considered one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet), then reproduces itself in blood cells and builds up in the muscles, joints, and skin, resulting in the symptoms of infection. 5,000 people are reported to become infected each year, causing RRV to be the most common mosquito-borne disease in Australia. While RRV cannot be spread person-to-person, the rate of those infected is rising.

Characteristic symptoms of Ross River Virus include rash, painful hands and feet with increasing symptoms of polyarthritis, nausea, headache, backache, and muscle ache. The lethargy and fatigue associated with RRV are often debilitating, with some people unable to carry out minor activities or even get out of bed. RRV is most common from spring through until autumn, especially January through to May when mosquitos are most abundant. There have been over 50 reported cases in the Geelong region and more than 1,000 in Victoria. “A multitude of these patients have been visiting the clinic and are having excellent results in the management of symptoms,” says Susan.

“Always remember prevention is better than cure. Use Australian Made Vanilla Mozi Cream and massage this into skin after a shower in a.m. and before bed at night, particularly good for children as the calming effect of the massage encourages sleep,” Susan further suggests.

People suffering from symptoms of RRV can become very depleted and depressed from the debilitating symptoms; this also illustrates why it is important first to seek medical advice to confirm your diagnosis, as many of the Ross River symptoms could signify a more serious health matter needing attention. Please remember there is help out there.

Susan Byrne is passionate about health and wellbeing with a focus on people being empowered and lifted in the knowledge that they are healthy and happy. Susan specializes in Women and children’s health. Susan has over 20 years health experience and in-depth qualifications in Nutritional Health, Herbal Medicine, Supplementation and Flower essences including a Bachelor of Health Science, Dip. Herbal Medicine and Dip. Nutrition as well as being a member of the NHAA. She is a well-known public speaker on Naturopathic subjects and is an advocate for women’s welfare. For more information about Susan and the clinic visit

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