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We do not normally post stories like this but I shared this account this morning and many people felt uplifted by it and so I share it here. This has not been edited or proofread, it’s just a raw, straight from the heart account of our past few months with beautiful Mon Elle.

I hope readers feel the love and hope that we have felt.


Hi everyone, I wanted to share some good news. Almost 4 months ago 2 different vets, and eventually a 3rd told me my beautiful Mon Elle was dying. Nobody knew what was wrong with her but she had become paralyzed from the ‘waist’ (or mid body) down.
She was quite ill even just to look at.
She has dragged her back legs around for nearly 4 months. People who came to my house were heartbroken at the sight of her.
The vet (I stayed with the last vet because they were willing to keep looking for answers and trying to help. I couldn’t give up on my baby)  suggested putting her to sleep but saw how she purred so loudly and happily when I put my hand near her. Since she seemed happy they thought she should not be put down.
I had purchased a bassinet for her, a pram and a carrier that looked like a large handbag so I could take her with me.
Even without the use of her back legs, she would not toilet anywhere but the cat litter area, where I laid pet pads so it was easy for her. During the night she would meow at me when she wanted to pee…or whatever.
I did get quite tired at times.
I even damaged my back when during the hot weather I thought she was dying and the house was unbearably hot I became determined to buy a portable air conditioner.
Turns out they are much bigger than I imagined and much bloodier heavier too!
Out of determination mixed with some grief and stupidity, I spent roughly 90 minutes bringing the unit up the back stairs. I would lift it step by step and with my arthritis, it was slow and painful but I got there! (My 12 year old began to help so I didn’t drop it, lol)
It was such a blessing during further hot weather and I thought if nothing else Mon Elle’s last days would be comfortable.
I spent a fortune on tests which mainly told me what she didn’t have. She had steroid injections every week.
I looked into natural health care too.
I bathed her when I could (she hates the bath and I almost lost an eyeball)
I also massaged her legs most nights with coconut oil because deep down I believed she could get well.
I also added either coconut oil or fish oil to her foods.
After a full 3 months, I thought I could see slight movement in her legs.
One Sunday, about a month ago, she actually sat up! That was the first time in 3 months!
She hadn’t been able to pull her legs underneath her so she hadn’t been able to sit like a cat normally does.
My son and I cried with joy! It seemed like a miracle to us and it was a sign she was getting better.
Since then she has made attempts to use her legs but often dragged them as they had no muscle tone or strength.
She spent much time wobbling about on her back legs which have seemed smaller and so much weaker.
The past few days she stays on her legs and hasn’t dragged them at all. She jumps off my bed now. She cannot jump up but she will soon. This morning her back legs seemed higher and she looked stronger.!
We call her Miracle Mon Elle.
We are so happy we still have her. I have to say that when I give her the coconut oil it does seem to help her. (No I don’t sell it or have shares in it or anything)
I see so many sad stories I wanted to share our miracle with you all. Apologies for the length…I didn’t set out to write a novel lol.
This is Mon this morning. It was difficult to get her to stop and pose for a second 😊💕

Tania Hawting


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