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Our fabulous Michelle Reinhardt will now be presenting her ‘articles’ or rather valuable information via her powerful podcasts. Just as insightful and delightful as ever but in an even more engaging format.

Just like you, Michelle always knew there was more, always. For years she battled the lies of her mind and the deep sense of dread that settled like an enemy killjoy over her and her family’s life.
In a two-decade pursuit of truth, she soaked up knowledge, sought teachers, guides and mentors, schooling herself in spirituality and personal development leading to the acquisition of a pretty impressive ‘tool kit.’
Michelle is an Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Personal Trainer, and a Mindset and Energy Master Coach.
Through a quick conversation, and a few little groovy tricks Michelle helps you recognize the language blocks to your abundance and prosperity frequencies. Working with Michelle, you can remove self-sabotage and limiting belief energy FAST, through all times, space and dimensions, and, re-set your mind, body and soul.
Michelle works with those ready to dig lovingly into the depths of their heart, to the very core of their essence and purpose. Those willing to acknowledge and shatter all that once was truth to them and re-build powerfully, purposefully and wholeheartedly the truth of their heart and connect you to your higher mind. If she can take her life from where it was to where it is now, so can you.
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