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Interview with Law of Attraction Expert Sandy Forster

I recently had the great pleasure of speaking with well-known, best seller, Sandy Forster!

I have to admit I was quite nervous and fumbled my words a little until I eventually relaxed. Sandy comes across as warm and friendly and more importantly someone that we can endeavor to emulate and listen to. Sandy has become known as the woman who went ‘from welfare to millionaire’! Wow! Impressive. I wanted to know her secret, and I am sure that you all, want to know her secret too!

My first and obvious question was how did it begin? I mean, going from the poverty of welfare to becoming a millionaire?

Apparently back in 2003 Sandy Forster was a single mum on welfare. She had run a little business that failed to create a comfortable income which later left Sandy in debt and on welfare. Fortunately for Sandy, this is when she discovered the “Law of Attraction’ and how it could work for her, and later, others with whom she would share. Through this discovery and with her mentors, she transformed her life into the fabulous and happy life she has today. She spends her time writing books and sharing with others the secrets to success. Today Sandy runs groups helping women, who are just as she once was. Looking for that seemingly elusive ‘secret’ that would turn dreams into reality.

Sandy has taken her biggest challenge, turned it around and into a vision of possibility through inspiring, empowering and encouraging women young or old to make dreams into reality. Through discovering and applying secrets of attracting wealth through the power of subconscious mind and utilizing the power of the internet, she made over 1.5 million dollars within a year.

She became the best-selling author and won multiple awards and honors including, bronze winner of the best female entrepreneur of the year 2012.  She states “starting from a place of complete uncertainty and wondering what the heck I was doing in business; I am now blessed to have won many business awards.’

Sandy lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, where she loves indulging in meditation, green smoothies, and the ocean.  She is a world traveler extraordinaire and mentor to over 55000 women on this planet.  The days of cleaning houses and working at the local library are long gone but now owns multi-million dollar homes through following the law of attraction.

Holding seminars, workshops, and winning multiple business awards, it is absolutely the best decision that Sandy has ever made to become a life coach and entrepreneur. Sandy lives her dream life and loves nothing more than to see others develop the same skills that will also enable them to live the life of their dreams. After all isn’t that what we all want?

Sandy’s books and courses can be accessed by following the link below,

Wildly Wealthy FAST package

And we have decided to add one of Sandy’s You tube videos to watch as well! May you pick up as many tips as possible. And let us know at Pink Sky Magazine how you go with your own attempts at manifestation!



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