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Everyone wonders how do we survive this crazy time. Well we start before the 30th June. My 5  tips below:
One: Preparation- This is the key to being able to transition smoothly into the new financial year. If you know that you have a deadline,  is there anything that you can do early?
Two:  Systemise- Processes and Procedures for everything we do, and that involves checklists. You may have a mental note on how something should be done. This is the time to write this down and create a procedure that even others can follow in the workplace.
Three: Calendar-  Firstly put down your availability each day on your calendar and then create the tasks that you want to achieve in that day. Be realistic. If you know that you want to complete 20 tasks but only 10 can be completed only enter the 10 and maybe an extra one knowing that if you have the time to finish it you can do this but it can be transferred to the following day if need be. 
Four:  Delegate- This is an issue for many people. Sometimes even I think that I should do this, but if you have created processes, there should be someone to help you complete some of the tasks.
Five: R an R-  Health is so important!! Rest is vital before the hectic months ahead. Do something special that you enjoy!! I know I will be!
Six:  Treat yourself after you have achieved all your tasks.  I know that I said 5 Tips but I couldn’t resist adding an extra one as it is important that once you have finalized the end of year tasks you reward yourself for your achievement.
This is how we survive end of financial year.  Our hectic period starts from the last pay run that a business has to the end of August.  There is much to do but we take it in our stride. I am fortunate to have a great team. As our mission statement states we are there “ to empower business achieve SUCCESS, FLEXIBILITY along with PEACE OF MIND.” These  practices can be embraced ALL YEAR ROUND for a healthy, systemised business!

About Fiona-

Fiona Failla from AboveBAS Bookkeeping and Business Guidance

My business is AboveBAS and we train and consult with businesses in the use of Xero, MYOB, QBO, ReckonOne, Marlin and many add-on software. We offer various bookkeeping packages, so businesses know where they stand each month. No hidden costs.

My family was in small business, and I have been in small business my whole life, learning, experiencing and now educating and training others as well. I am passionate about helping business owners and regularly hold free support groups. It is important to educate people, and I offer workshops and soon also webinars that are affordable to attend. Each month I host the Australian Bookkeepers Network meetings in South Morang for local bookkeepers. I thoroughly enjoy what I do! You can find us on Facebook Here


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