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Busting those fears that have been holding you back.

Fear is a limiting belief – a convenient truth. Today I was inspired to write this after a session with one of my awesome clients. The more we delay in doing something about our fear the greater it becomes and with that the harder it becomes to do anything about it, some people even stop believing that they can ever do anything about it. Our fears are created by us and just as they are created by us they can be dissolved or gotten rid by us too!
So, what’s the antidote I hear you ask? The antidote to all fear is action. The fear cannot go away simply by willing it or waiting for it to fade. We must face it, take the bull by the horns and do something with it. Courage is the action needed here. Courage is not needed when you avoid your fears, it’s not needed sitting on the couch watching TV waiting to feel brave, courage is not reading books on how to get rid of our fear, it’s only needed when we act.
Fear is there when we think about our challenge and it grows the more we think about it – what we get is what we focus on.
Courage turns up when we act, it magnifies the more we do the thing that was challenged until it stops being a challenge. It’s then that we are ready for the next level of growth.

My client today had a fear of animals, all animals, big and small – she was terrified of them and would do all that she could to keep away from them, when we finished our session she told me with a lot of conviction that she was ready to face that fear that had taken hold (for the last 33 years). It just so happens that straight after our session the fear was presented to my client. She came across a bird that had fallen from a nest, what did she do? There were plenty of actions that could have been taken, one of them is running away and calling someone else to deal with it. This is what had been happening for the last 33 years. Today, I’m glad to say this is not what happened, the fear was presented and my client CHOSE to take the bull by the horns, my client physically touched this bird, totally without fear. She told me she “felt love, big bright shiny love”. She “felt like that young girl she used to be before her fears had taken hold”. She CHOSE to give this little bird LOVE. She chose to not run anymore.

What happened… My client has once again found the magnificent person that was lost when she was very young. Such a beautiful moment and such a beautiful thing to find after all of these years. 33 years of fear busted in 30 minutes! Gone! Forever! There was nothing hard about it we simply spoke. I asked questions and guided her in the direction that she needed to go down and was ready to explore.

If you have a fear that you have lived with for too long and you are ready to bust it, take action now, this action is different for everyone there is not a one size fits all.

We come up with excuses… It’s not the right time, I’m just too busy, I’ll wait until the kids leave home, I’ll wait until…. the excuses roll on and before we know it years have gone by.

What can you do today? Start with your action now. You can start with your words. Instead of saying “I can’t”, say “I won’t”, instead of “I should” say “I could”, instead of thinking “it’s a problem” think of it as “an opportunity”, instead of “I wish”, “I wonder”, instead of “what if” say “maybe”…
Don’t be stuck in the Fear cycle take some action now.
What do I mean by Fear cycle? You’re afraid to go for a promotion, you choose to avoid it, you don’t get the job and this confirms your fear that you are not good enough. Life is not certain, don’t wait until you are 100% sure, take some action now, if it works great, if it doesn’t what could be the worst thing that happens, re-aim and shoot again.



Jenny Leyva de Loryn

Jenny is currently studying the Accreditation of Professional Master Coach, she is also a Certified Trainer and if that isn’t enough she is also a Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) Certified Consultant, what does that mean. Jenny helps you use the Barrett Values centre resources to pin point your personal values and beliefs and/or an organisations cultural values. According to Jenny, she will always be studying something to better her coaching journey which will consequently help her clients.

Jenny is always willing to go that extra mile to help you and/or your business shine.


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