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Doctors surgeries- the waiting place. Seriously one of the vortexes of boredom and worry on planet earth. If one is normally in a surgery waiting area- generally something is broken or potentially broken. Deals with God are done, promises to self and sometimes, just sometimes the barter pays off, positive thinking and manifestation wins the day and good news flows like Mother’s Milk. BUT add the deal making and worry to the mundane beige seating and collection of magazines normally torn, work and gross or perhaps if your surgery appreciates you- the latest mags on offer and you have yourself a recipe for BLAH.

So what is the answer? I wonder if they could consider pinball machines? A slot machine?

For me? I am a social media nut, so I will take on my broadband filled IPad with my fave Netflix episode and headphones or online Scrabble or like right now- I’m literally typing this on my iPhone in a doctors office waiting to find out if I have Narcolepsy. I know right? What does one do? Well, they write an article about doctors waiting rooms of course!

What about a magician, doing fancy card tricks or a collection of colourful objects? Big fat lounge chairs and a barista offering beverages? Yes, please. Espresso Martini with Nitro, please. Oh hang on, I’m at a sleep clinic, maybe a night time toddy of whisky would be better!

Because to this day I’ve not had a doctor on time. And as much as I have been blessed with a long list of charming, diligent and friendly doctors- the white rabbit fever is always on pointe.

Thank goddess for Facebook and Snapchat filters. Dancing avocados on tables and fanciful imposed cartoons spark an inner child preoccupation that fends off the worst boredom! When that fails, I have my beautiful Mala Beads, I count all 108 of them and repeat a mantra of good health and prosperity. A dear friend gave them to me, and between the beads and the Geofilters, I’m sorted! 108 reasons to be happy, to love and be positive. Today anyway 🙂

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