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The Mood Food Connection


We live in an age where time is one of our greatest concerns, our to-do lists are longer than our yoga mats and many of us put the needs of others before ourselves. It’s important to discuss the stress and overwhelm that comes with being a busy woman and how to beat our constant fight against fatigue.


The good news is each day in the life of a busy, successful woman does not have to end with lethargy. Certainly core elements of our life play important roles in the way we feel and our energy levels. However, certain foods have a huge impact on our gut health and being choosy about the way we eat may mean the difference between fatigue and vigour.
Here are 10 simple ways to we can support our bodies and create healthier, happier minds:


 1. Increase H2o. Water is a simple, yet very often overlooked factor in fatigue and decreased mood. The book ‘Your body’s many cries for water: You are not sick. You are thirsty’, explains how a new discovery of our body’s chronic dehydration may actually be the root cause of many many ailments and diseases such as asthma, allergies, hypertension, excess body weight, and even emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Your water bottle is your best friend. Infuse it with your favourite fruits and sip on your delicious concoction all day long. Aim for around 5-9 glasses of water per day, depending on your level of activity.


2. Heal your gut. The microflora that live in the gut are directly related to the function of our immune system, our overall health, and energy levels! Probiotic foods containing good bacteria such as those found in kefir, Kombucha tea and fermented vegetables can be simple and easy ways to ensure you get the most out of your food and increase your energy.


3. Be eggcellent. Nutritionally speaking, organic, free range eggs are the perfect brain food. They contain the perfect concoction of vitamin B12 (vital for regulating the nervous system), folate (food for our neurotransmitters) and iodine (thyroid support). They are nutritional powerhouses when it comes to boosting energy and mood. Some of us prefer not to eat eggs and that’s ok (a decent alternative for a whole egg is a combination of cooked quinoa and ground flaxseeds).
Photo by Joseph-Gonzalez
4. Pump up your iron. Iron is a major role player in supplying oxygen to our organs. Without adequate iron in the diet, those morning and afternoon slumps may last longer and it may feel there is no clear reason for the fatigue and lethargy. With the ever-growing population of vegetarian and vegan diets, more and more women are suffering from low iron and fatigue. If you choose not to eat small quantities of organic grass-fed meats throughout your week, adding even just adding 1 cup of mushrooms to your daily intake can give you 50% more of your daily iron requirements. Helping to boost the cells ability to transport oxygen and fuel your body for optimum performance.


5. Love your fats. Good fats and oils play a crucial role in brain function and can provide a powerful boost to your energy levels and mood. High-quality omega-3 and omega-6 oils can be found in chia seeds, flaxseed, hemp seeds, walnuts, pecans, coconut oil and high-quality deep sea fish such as salmon. Consuming a combination of these can provide a healthy balance of omega intake.
6.Put the kettle on. There are several herbal teas that are well known to support a healthy nervous system and ease symptoms of stress. Dandelion, nettle, milk thistle, chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower, ginger and green tea all have cleansing and supportive compounds that can relieve stress and improve mood.


7. Take your sunshine supplements. Commonly known as vitamin D and
serotonin, these are both big players in supporting the nervous system and
creating energy in the body. Vitamin D is made in the skin through sunlight
exposure and serotonin is the brains happiness booster made from the amino
acid tryptophan.


8. Try a new cafe. It’s so easy to continue eating foods that hold us back when we dine at the same places, give in to the same food cravings and stick to the same routine. Our low vibe self-loves doing the same things that keep us stuck in a slump! Do something different and seek out some of the best health foods in town! Try a new raw food cafe, taste specialties from a healthy chef or seek out an organic restaurant for dinner! You will be truly amazed at the new variety of tastes and your senses will surely be wowed! In addition, you will begin to experience the benefits of eating clean, fresh food made from organic, local and raw ingredients. Be warned. Your energy levels may hit the charts!


9. Meet the farmers. One of the easiest ways to improve energy, mood, cognitive and nerve function is to hit your fruit and veggies strong. Many fruits and vegetables are loaded with mood-enhancing nutrients that can also help to heal ailments, reduce inflammation in the body and support longevity. Heading down to the local farmers markets and making friends with your growers will give a whole new experience and meaning to the food on your plate! Try kale, arugula, beets, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, chili peppers, carrots, blueberries, brazil nuts, thyme, basil, honey, avocados, and bananas to put a little extra glow in your step, improve mood and increase energy.
Photo by Toa Heftiba.
10. Rid the energy bombers. If you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression, there are a few vital changes you can make for your body right now. Eliminate refined sugars and reduce caffeine in your diet. Then begin drinking more purified water and eating fresh, mood-enhancing foods such as those with healthful amounts of antioxidants and omega 3’s. Download the good mood menu for simple recipes to support your feel-good factor!
By following the suggestions above, you can make subtle changes to improve your energy, mood and overall feelings of happiness. Take your health and happiness into your own hands, increase your energy and vitality by adding just a few simple, delicious ingredients to your intake each day.


Article By the fabulous Marissa Nieves who will soon be joining Pink Sky Magazine as a regular contributor!
Marissa Nieves
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