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The past few years have seen a phenomenal rise in the numbers of women not only working from home but working for themselves at home.

Working from home is ideal for many women who often have to juggle numerous responsibilities including raising children, housework, paid work and shuffling children from one place to another. Rather than waste time in transit and spend time in an office feeling stressed about the kid’s women are increasingly turning to work from home opportunities.

The number of different fields in which women (and men too) can choose to work at, from home, is incredible. Everything from accounting, law, cooking, editing, journalism, photography, motor repair, teaching- meditation, jazz, or any number of subjects, selling online everywhere from eBay to or even your own website and many many other fields of endeavor. I know of a young lady with small children who writes her individual blog sharing information about working and raising a family. She earns herself a full-time income! Moreover, you can too!

Working from home essentially means becoming your own boss, that is starting a business that you will run from home. You may think you have no skills or not know what to do, but I assure you there will be something that is right for you. You could teach people something, review books, review products, sell your handicrafts online there are literally thousands of different things you can do.

And if you decide to go ahead and begin your own business after reading this contact us and we will be happy to publish your story (and advertise your business), so you can inspire others to do the same. Of course, working from home may not suit everyone, but we are sure there are thousands of women out there just waiting for the right moment to go ahead and jump in!

The face of work is changing! Of course, the rise of personal computers and other technology has helped this drive enormously, even paved the way for its almost inevitability. After all maintaining the costs of city buildings can take a toll on a big company and out of the question for smaller groups or small business.

Although getting started is probably easier for some people than others and is often more difficult than one first imagined although it is definitely worth it! The benefits outweigh the initial learning curve. And, there are fewer start-up costs when the cost of renting buildings is excluded. There are many other bonuses too. Being able to work hours that better suit your lifestyle, being there for the kids, having a boss you like (one hopes) and a career that is infinitely more satisfying than many a job you have probably held in the past. After all, there is more room for your own creative flair when working for yourself.

Working from home is also a fabulous idea during times when jobs are becoming scarce and living off welfare is a nightmare no-one wants to struggle with. The solution? Hire yourself!

It is fabulous to have to have your own business and be a Girl Boss! No more workin’ for the man as the saying goes.


And in case anyone is looking for ideas or help to get the work from home idea off the ground we have partnered with the Ultimate Bundles team to bring Pink Sky Magazine readers this special bundle of Work From Home information!  I personally buy these bundles myself, so I can assure you they are quality packages.


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