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It is true. No one wants to hear you or anyone else drone on and on. However, unless you take steps to keep your viewers engaged during your webinar, that is exactly what you risk happening.

Top presenters have learned several tricks for keeping their viewers interested (and listening) even if the webinar seems to go on longer than they anticipated.

Questions Last

If it seems like your viewers drop off the call just as you are about to make an offer, you are not imagining things. Many viewers attend the training, with no thought to buy, and will leave the minute it is clear the training is over.

You can avoid that with this simple trick: hold the questions until after your offer. By breaking up the training with an offer in the middle, you are more likely to hold your audience’s attention for the duration of the event.

Run a Competition

Much like holding questions until after the offer, the same effect can be had by hosting a contest in which the winner is not announced until the end of the webinar. Alternately, you could offer a prize to the first viewer to answer a question correctly—the question, of course, is based on the content of the webinar. This virtually ensures your viewers are paying attention.

Turn the Tables

Don’t let your viewers just sit and passively watch. Instead, get them involved and talking.

Most webinar platforms have some mode of chat or question feature, so make use of it by chatting them up. At the beginning of the event, be sure to ask them to let you know if they can hear you and see your slides. Throughout the call, as you make a point or reveal a great tip, ask for their acknowledgment. Not only will this keep them interested and listening, but it will also help them learn how the chat function works, so when it is time for Q & A they do not have any trouble.

Use a Personal Story

Everyone loves a great story, and if you have got one, now is the time to tell it. Whether it is the time you nearly got arrested in college, or how you had to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a month after your car died, if you can link your story to your webinar message, it is a good candidate.

Just remember to practice telling it first, because if you are not a natural-born storyteller (many of us are not), then it can quickly backfire.

The last thing you want is for your webinar to be a boring, hour-long event that drives viewers away. It is pretty depressing to watch the attendee number drop before you are even halfway through your slides, but if you put these tips in play, you will have much happier—and enthralled—webinar viewers.

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