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In the media, we see a lot of women taking position front and center with all shades of marvellous and successful. This is wonderful, no doubt! But what about the chics that fly just a bit under the radar? Walking super inspiring paths and stepping into that courageous space of new, of action and success, but humbly from behind the family front door, the office space or in one case behind the bar of the local pub? We know Pink Skyers are all about the everyday woman, so we sought out a selection of these gorgeous creatures from around Australia and asked them to reflect and share. What did 2017 teach them and what are they looking forward to in 2018?

The Artist

Tanya Breen is a kaleidoscope of talent. What started as a childhood passion for drawing and art has lead to a successful career. Working for some of Australia’s most prestigious marketing and advertising campaigns, the mother of two is a gifted artist. She has balanced much in her life, but her dedication to her two boys, her friends and her paramedic husband Chris is nothing short of beautiful. Her extraordinary breadth of aesthetically pleasing creative styles has won many hearts. Her work has been seen in National advertising campaigns and in the international business scene. Tanya is launching an exciting new collection of works this year in Melbourne, set to ignite the minds and eyes of everyone.

What did 2017 teach you and what are you looking forward to in 2018?

Tanya: I look ahead into 2018 like stepping out into a breath of fresh crisp, clean air. Last year was the cleansing of what was no longer needed in our life, while also forming the building blocks of what I see will be a year of pushing past my boundaries personally and creatively.

I was building the confidence to finally put myself and my art “out” there, rather than just hiding behind my career in graphic design and advertising. Art and illustration are where it all began and is what always makes me whole as a person. It’s the “bubbles in my champagne,” the “beans in my beanbag”… if you get my drift.

2018 is also about me helping others to achieve their goals in small business. As a whole, I hope for a balance between work and family, as this is what brings us happiness – an even balance of all those things. So here it all goes, I am ready for you 2018!

To check out more of Tanya’s incredible collection go to:


The Naturopathic Health Expert

Susan Byrne:

Wellness mentor and women’s advocate Susan Byrne is the epitome of the word Goddess.


Her unflinching dedication to health education and holistic wellbeing has seen her become one of the most successful Naturopaths in Victoria. Her clear honesty, expertise, and passion have encouraged hundreds of women to rebalance their health, lose weight and find their true self again. Susan will be releasing her new book I AM WOMAN this year, a holistic health guide for women from puberty to the wisdom years.



What did 2017 teach you and what are you looking forward to in 2018?


My hope is for a world where everyone is treated and paid equally. I hope and pray for a time where abuse of any kind is rare and unusual, uncommon and no longer over-looked as it is today.

2017 was very productive. I completed the first stage of my life’s work; a book. In this body of work, I state that “I would like to think that in some small way I can assist to re-empower women into their own worth as strong, independent and self-loving Goddesses and maybe by doing this make this world a fairer, more loving and healthier place.” 

I hope to learn and grow as a human being. To listen to others stories and learn from them as well as assist them to learn. My work is one of my main passions in life and to assist people to achieve their health goals and to watch them become healthier and stronger is a complete joy. I would encourage women in 2018 to become the person you really want to be. Be inspired to give yourself permission to look after your body and treat it as the temple it is.

For more information about Susan go to:

The Psychic Medium Mentor

Dee Gibson:

A dedicated numbers genius, intuitive counsellor, numerologist, psychic medium, author, advocate, and lover of science, Dee Gibson’s collection of skills is as long as an infinite universe!


The mother and grandmother has spent a lifetime studying the science of numbers and vibration as well as mystic history. Her launch in 2017 of a series of workshops saw many women traveling from all over Victoria learn how to get back to basics and re-fire their intuitive instincts. The Intuitive Collective was born! Dee is well loved and is a true mentor to many women.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

Dee: 2018 is a definitive time to shine. Yes, it is!

We often hear the term “all your ducks in a row” meaning everything is lined up for success.

2018 is exactly like that for each one us.

In Numerology, as in life, everything has a vibration, including numbers!  2018 adds up to the Master Number 11. Allowing the energy of spiritual inspiration to enter our life. This is a year with connect to our inner soul, our truth, to inspire ourselves. Choose a goal that inspires your life-style, live it, breathe it and express it. Your energy, your words, and your personality will then move this vibration out into the world.

You will find that life does align with your purpose, bringing unexpected help and guidance into your daily life. Divine inspiration enters your life. Once you establish this wonderful energy pattern within yourself, its natural progression is outwards and onwards. Uplifting all who feel your energy flow. Not only in your demeanor, but in your interactions with family and colleagues.

Embrace 2018 as a loving year for self-inspiration, that’s where the ducks start to line up to shine.



For more information about Dee go to:






The Advocate for the Arts and Those In Need

Liz Dillon is known and loved by many in the Goulburn Valley. The gorgeous publican is also the founder of Dillmac Entertainment- a music school running for over 20 years teaching humans from 2 to 102 how to enhance their musical gifts. Liz is also the Executive Chairperson of The Gift. This unique organization raises much needed financial support to families impacted by cancer and illness. To date, they have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local families! She is in one word: INSPIRATIONAL! The second word I would use: passionate.

What did 2017 teach you and what are you looking forward to in 2018?

Liz:  My involvement with the Kyabram Gift has given much, one of which is invaluable learning.  I have learned amazing life lessons taught by people who are sadly are no longer with us. Likewise, I have learned from those who have been through almighty struggles but are still with us with valuable life teaching.  I have immense gratitude for my family. In fact, there was a moment during our huge family Christmas gathering that I reflected “How lucky are we?” Material things are nice, but experiences are so much nicer.  So this year take the opportunity to fly to another city state or country. Have a look in your backyard. Travel to a nearby town. (Maybe one that is rebuilding from a natural disaster.) Spend $5 in their local ice cream shop or have lunch at their local pub. Small towns need our support.

My highlight for 2017 was the birth of our first Grandson. Nothing can prepare you for the love of your children, and it’s the same with a grandchild. We just absolutely adore him.  Another highlight (and the feeling of absolute elation will continue well into 2018) was seeing my loved ones celebrate “permission” to be equal.  We know all too well the heartache and pain they endured during the unnecessary vote process. My grandson will not believe that it took until the year of his birth for this to happen.

Treat each other as you would like to be treated. It’s pretty simple.  Love is love.  Don’t forget the great times and the great people who have gone before us, and never forget where you came from.

Welcome to 2018. Enjoy it!

Yoga Instructor, Business Entrepreneur, Author – there’s too many to list!

Sonia Anear:

International Business Manager, Chiropractor, Meditation teacher, Yoga Instructor, Author and dedicated community chic, wellness entrepreneur, Emmett Technique expert and did I mention Keynote speaker? Introducing Sonia Anear. This woman is an enigma. She somehow often manages to go under the radar. However, Pink Sky first heard about Sonia when she was a speaker along with The Collective’s Lisa Messenger in Townsville empowering women in business and changing things up! This incredible woman is fondly known for her service to others, for helping her fellow humans’ find calm, clarity, peace and tranquility amongst the sometimes frenetic pace of the modern world.

What did 2017 teach you and what are you looking forward to in 2018?

Sonia: Sharing pearls of wisdom is something I’m always somewhat reluctant to do.

You see, my personal belief is we all have our own inherent ‘pearls’ within us. If we give ourselves space and time for quiet reflection, those pearls of wisdom will reveal themselves.


These ‘pearls’ vary with the stages and circumstances of our life, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ pearl that I can offer to you for 2018. If anything, it would be to give yourself space and time to reflect and see what comes up for YOU. Which directions and paths your heart is drawn to when fear is cast to the side.

For me personally, with both of my daughters leaving home to listen to their own burning hearts desires, 2018 means freedom to travel, kick up my heels and have some FUN! It’s been such a head down, bum up the couple of years that I believe this next chapter brings with it a sense of freedom and change. Time also to make my mark in the world stronger and create a bigger wave of impact on the people’s lives whose path I cross.

Wishing you all the best for 2018 & happy ‘Pearl’ hunting.

To find out more about Sonia go to:

Athlete and Wellness Advocate

Liz Sefton

Liz Sefton is an Ultra-marathon runner and passionate health advocate with a passion for helping those in her community in a way that echoes enthusiasm to everyone who knows her. The Australian mother of two has achieved a compelling journey into fitness and success. Her launch in 2017 of her Facebook Page The Nourishing Home is a testament to helping others discover wellness and sharing the love! This amazing human has raised thousands of dollars for the actions she believes in, she has graced the trams and buses in Melbourne in full advertising banner style as a pin-up girl for Michelle Bridges and has smashed through the physical realms of strength. Inspiring? Just a bit.

What did 2017 teach you and what are you looking forward to in 2018?

It is the start of the year, and there is a vibe of new beginnings that can stir us into action or reflect on the year that was. I like to harness some of this energy and love to use a new journal (This year my soul friend gifted me the daily greatness journal ) or notebook (Kmart has some great ones!) to define and commit my hopes, dreams, goals, and desires.  I also believe by putting things down on paper; you are sending a message to the universe!

This year some common words came up as to how I would like this year to look like.  They include PLAY, BE BRAVE and SLOW.  Here is a list of my commitments to help me thrive and be the best version of me!

  •  Declutter, be more minimalist and buy nothing unnecessary
  •  Be in nature regularly
  •  Continue to eat nourishing home-cooked foods, organic where possible and don’t worry about a little indulgence when enjoyed with friends and family
  •  Movement – if my body says REST- listen
  • Surround myself with people who lift me higher.
  • Let go of what I can’t control
  • Speak kindly to myself.
  • Take time out regularly to reflect and pause
  • Play more with the family
  • Do less of what doesn’t matter and more of what d oes
  • Be more of service to the people I love and my community

To check out Liz Sefton’s enduring message and awesome recipes go to:

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