Tania Hawting
CEO and Editor-in-Chief
Tania Hawting is a writer and meditation teacher. She has also completed a Master Law of Attraction teacher Certificate. She has previously published a children's book and also written articles for magazines. Tania has also spent much time pursuing her interests in spiritual development and graphic design. Her classes in meditation cover both healing from within and manifestation as well as creating positive and powerful new modes of thought. Tania has also worked with a wide array of women and now, heading Pink Sky Magazine enables her to reach many more women who will be enriched by their experience with Pink Sky Magazine.
Kirsten Macdonald
Journalist Extraordinare
Kirsten is a jornalist and business owner who organises interviews and articles for Pink Sky Magazine. She has owned and run her own businesses for many years and has overcome some health challenges in the past. She has an amazing amount of energy which she pours into all she does.
Elysha Insha Huckfield
Team Writer
A blogger, writer and beauty editor, Elysha moved to the UK from her hometown in Nairobi, Kenya to complete her studies in Media and Communications. She has since gone on to become a freelance writer for online media companies, while creating and establishing her own beauty blog Ely Belle Rouge and working as a Beauty Editor of Pink Sky Magazine. Elysha loves creating content for the lifestyle, beauty and skincare industries and is always finding new and innovative ways of combining her passion and her writing into great content.
Michelle Reinhardt
Just like you, Michelle always knew there was more, always. For years she battled the lies of her mind and the deep sense of dread that settled like an enemy killjoy over her and her family’s life. In a two decade pursuit of truth, she soaked up knowledge, sought teachers, guides and mentors, schooling herself in spirituality and personal development leading to the acquisition of a pretty impressive ‘tool kit.’ Michelle is an Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Personal Trainer, and a Mindset and Energy Master Coach. Through a quick conversation, and a few little groovy tricks Michelle helps you recognize the language blocks to your abundance and prosperity frequencies. Working with Michelle, you can remove self-sabotage and limiting belief energy FAST, through all times, space and dimensions, and, re-set your mind, body and soul. Michelle works with those ready to dig lovingly into the depths of their heart, to the very core of their essence and purpose. Those willing to acknowledge and shatter all that once was truth to them and re-build powerfully, purposefully and wholeheartedly the truth of their heart and connect you to your higher mind. If she can take her life from where it was to where it is now, so can you.
Sabah Choudhry
Team Writer
Sabah was a former Member of the Youth Parliament with the London Borough of Hounslow that had been advocating for the increased representation of young people in the political sphere for the past seven years. She regularly networks with local and regional politicians to combat issues which affect young people as well as increasing their awareness in politics on a national and international level. She is currently studying BA in Social Anthropology at SOAS. Her passion is about the current issues affecting different sectors in life, especially about mobilising women and women’s rights as potential to change society for the better.
Heena C Khan
Team Writer
With a degree in Film Studies, Heena has always had a love for creative writing, she started off writing plays and then progressed to creating her personal blog Mummy’s Bubble and writing for digital media companies. Heena enjoys working as part of a team as a freelance writer to create and implement effective content strategies and creates writing that speaks to her audience rather than at them.
@Sasha2_3Mummys Bubble
Arti Shah
Team Writer
I live in Australia and have been travelling to different states for work. I'm a speech pathologist working with children and adults. I'm extremely passionate about my work and thoroughly enjoy seeing my beautiful kiddies smile and laugh during sessions. I'm a strong advocate for every individual having an opportunity to be educated regardless of their challenges. My other passions include health and fitness, cooking, reading (autobiographies, self-help books, nutrition and fitness books, some novels), writing short stories and quotes inspired by true events, travelling, hiking and watching a famous Australian show called Food Safari.
Cathryn Warburton
Writer/Legal Advisor
Cathryn is a lawyer and patent attorney with a difference. Cathryn IS The Legal Lioness. Her passion for protecting small businesses originates from the day she stood up for herself, at age 13, after a lifetime of bullying. Not only did the bully leave Cathryn alone, but the bully never touched another kid on that school bus again. In that instant, Cathryn learned that knowledge is power. She knew her calling was to transform the lives of those who need help in standing up for their rights. Cathryn has empowered countless businesses through her books, mentoring, speaking and legal services.
Acacia Law Phone
Dee Gibson
Dee Gibson is a regular with Pink Sky Magazine. She uses her knowledge of ancient pratices including numerology to provide readers with information valuable to their everyday lives.
Dee GibsonDee Gibson
Michelle Groves
Columnist and Doctor
I studied the Bachelor of Medicine at Southampton University, in the UK. I graduated in 2002 after having twin boys in the middle of my degree. This proved a turning point and pushed me into studying as hard as I could. In 2006 I completed my specialist training in General Practice and became a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and a Diplomate of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. I continued with further education and specialisation in women's health, completing a Fellowship of the Faculty of Reproductive and Sexual Health. In 2011 I emigrated to Australia and gained the Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. And I have never looked back!
Dr GrovesDr Groves