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YOGA for Saudi Arabia

          In an incredible step forward recently the Saudi Arabian government finally placed Yoga on the list of approved sports. This is an amazing step for women generally and a greater one for a talented and courageous lady whose hard work and dedication helped bring about this Arabian change. Nouf Bint […] Read more…

Time is Money

“The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.” Albert Einstein   Imagine an orchard filled with trees, with each tree filled with fruit, and each fruit filled with seeds. The entire orchard could have all started from a single seed.   That’s the power of compounding, and it’s the secret to growing your […] Read more…

Take your Live Stream from Zero to Hero!

    Another fabulous podcast from the wonderful Michelle Reinhardt and guest star Theodora Vousta! Intuitive Mindset and Energy trainer, healer and  Direct Sales Superstar Michelle Reinhardt, lovingly guides people through the smashing of old limiting beliefs, aligning Entrepreneurs with their Million Dollar Mindset and a vehicle to deliver their most treasured dreams.    Visit Michelle […] Read more…

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